I made a train with 19 shapes.The green triangels are wheels.The yellow hexagons are train buckets.The blue dimend is the front of the train and the skiny dimends on the bottom are the train tracks.The skiny dimend on the top is smoke.This graph shows that there are three yellow shapes, one blue shape,no red shapes,six tan shapes,four orange shapes,and five green shapes.
Our class read the book and watched the movie “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.” Some things were the same and some things were different. One thing that was the same was Mr.Popper got a penguin in the mail. Another thing that was the same was that Mr.Poppers penguins were well behaved. There were many things that were different.Mr.Popper had 8 penguins then12.Mr.Poppers penguins did not preform in theaters.And Mr.Popper named the penguins different names in the movie. I really liked “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” because the penguins were funny.
It is the 100th day of school today and my teacher asked us if we could have 100 of anything what would it be.If I could have 100 ressces cups I would eat all of them and then get a100 more! And I would get more and more and more! And when I ate them all I will realis that eating all that candey was a mistake. And I would never do it again.
This picture shows a tree branch.I took this picture because we are going to fix our playground.In this picture my class can pick up the branches that are on the ground and clean the ground.