We got a new class hamster today.It's a girl.She loves to climb.She dosn't know how to use her wheel.She dosn't know how to get to her food yet.But it's ok.She is a cute little hamster.She is vary funny.Our class loves her.She hangs on bars too.Her name is Snowbell.
On Septemer 11th in New York two planes crashed into the twin towers. Then one of the twin towers fell then another one of the twin towers fell down.Then a plane crashed into the pentagon. Then a plane crashed into a feild in Pensylvania.
My family. My family is nice, careful and sweet. My brother is 8 weeks old. My mom is 36.my dad is 41. I'm 7. We have a to story house there is my room, my mom and dads room, my brothers room, my playroom, the kichin,the living room, the dining room, my mom and dads bathroom and my bathroom. Me and my family are vary happy together!