We had a balloon with baking soda in it.A glass bottle and vinegar in the bottle.First we poured the baking soda in the balloon in the bottle.The baking soda and vinegar made a gas and the balloon blowed up.Ours the balloon poped off the bottle and landed on the floar.Vinegar was all over the place.
One day India Opel went to the Winn Dixie store and there was a dog runing therogh the store.She said it was hers.But she was ling.She named him Winn Dixie.Her naber didn't like Winn Dixie .She went to Grtrude's Pets she meet a man named Otis.The next day he was playing his guitar.All the animals were out of there cages.Winn Dixie laid down.They became friends.Opal also found out Otis went to jail.She also went to the library mrs.franny block thoght Winn Dixie was a bear.They also became friends. And the dewberry boys,Amanda,and Gloria dump.They all became friends.Amanda's brother carson drowned last year.Opel had a party at Gloria's house.Winn Dixie got lost she was afraid.opel and the preacher went looking for him.The preacher said for us to give up.I didn't want to than I said"ok".When she and the preacher came back to Gloria Dump's house he was there under Gloria Dump's bed.Otis went to get him.When he came out she was so happy.They sang songs and we all had a good time.