My favorite memory of Snowbell was when she rolled under our tables. What I liked about her was that she climbed on her cage bars. What I didn't like about her is when she messes up the space around her cage. I will miss her over summer break. How you take care of Snowbell is you have to dump all of her beding out and fill her water bottle.then you have to make sure her food container and that's how you take care of Snowbell!
This movie is all about our Face of the playground project.
In the desert the tempeture can be very high in the middle of the day it can be up to 125 degrees! It does not rain very much in the desert so it is very dry. Animal can survive in the desert,cactuses in south amarica collect water from the rain that falls. Kangaroos lick themselves to stay cool dring the hottest part of the day. Camals have big eyelashes to keep the dust away from there eyes in a sand storm.
First my group went to go look at the lions and tigers. Then we to go look at parrots. After that we went to go get some icees and they were delishes and we got to see evry animal in the zoo. Then I got to get a tiger at the gift shop. Then it was time to go. My favorite animal was the koalas. I had fun!
In my class we have been observing mealworms they are wiggly and sqermey and they are brown. And sometimes they big large group. And my class has been also obseving Painted butterfly larva. But we have only taked two picteres.
My business name is called cookie braclet shop. The cookie braclet has a braclet with a thing that pops up out of the braclet it has a plate on it with a cookie on the plate. You can have any kind of cookie you want. You can have any kind of design you want.
The worris I have about the earth are that there are no butterflys cause there are none of them are here any more in south caralinea. What we can do to help the earth is that we can pick up the trash. And make the world a better place by useing less energy,and not puluting the air.
Yesterday night I went to the music show and it was great. The teachers were awesome and all the classes were amazing. I thought the 4th graders were the best and the 5th graders. Mrs.Westfal put on a great show. I really liked it.